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Pusula.AI operates as the pioneering arm of KAIZEN Intelligence, is dedicated to empowering manufacturers on their path towards data-driven operations through AI.

Trusted by Industry Leaders​

Top manufacturers like P&G and Kale Ceramics rely on KAIZEN’s expertise in AI. Our track record of successful implementations has saved millions in costs.

Use Cases

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Failure Prediction

Analyze data from sensors and equipment to predict failures before they happen. This enables preventive maintenance to avoid downtime.

Energy Auto Labelling

Automatically analyze energy usage data from manufacturing processes and label anomalies to identify optimization opportunities.

Inventory Optimization

Use historical supply and demand data to build models that optimize inventory levels and reorder points. This minimizes shortages while reducing carrying costs.

Demand Prediction

Develop algorithms to forecast sales demand based on historical data, promotions, and other factors. This facilitates production planning and inventory management.

Price Prediction

Create models to predict prices of raw materials, components, or commodities based on market data and other indicators. Helps inform procurement and budgeting.

Outage Duration Prediction

Leverage data on location, fault currents, and other factors to estimate the length of power outages on electrical grids. Enables better resource planning.

Call Center Volume Prediction

Use historical call volume data and regressions to forecast upcoming call center traffic. Allows planning staff levels to meet service goals.

Prediction From Sensor Data

Build predictive models based on real-time data from internet-connected sensors and IoT devices. Provides insights from equipment, environment, etc.


Pusula provides the following services around AI-based solutions:

Data Strategy & Readiness Assessment

We assess your organization’s data infrastructure, identify gaps, and provide a roadmap to prepare your data for AI. This includes data pipelines, governance, and more.

Solution Design & Integration

We design the optimal AI solution for your use cases, integrate it with your existing systems, and ensure successful deployment. Our expertise spans predictive maintenance, quality, inventory optimization, and energy management across manufacturing industries.

Data Science Consulting

Our data scientists function as an extension of your team, building custom models, feature engineering, model optimization, and reporting insights.

MLOps & Productionization

We productionize models for scale, monitor them, and continuously improve performance post-deployment. This includes CI/CD pipelines, testing, and model ops.

Training & Enablement

We train your team via workshops and coaching sessions on data skills, AI literacy, and developing an analytics culture.

As a subsidiary of KAIZEN, Pusula provides:

  • Deep experience in industrial AI and manufacturing

  • Flexible and customized research approach

  • End-to-end capabilities spanning data, AI, and MLOps

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