CTO at Pusula.ai & Kaizen, Research Scientist at Meta

Barlas Oguz

About Barlas Oguz
Dr. Oguz Barlas, a distinguished alumnus of UC Berkeley ' s EECS department, embarked on a remarkable journey that commenced at META and Microsoft, where he pioneered groundbreaking advancements in generative AI, deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Presently serving as the visionary Chief Technology Officer at KAIZEN, his profound expertise has left an indelible mark on corporations worldwide, with his innovative contributions benefiting industry leaders such as Unilever, P&G, and the Kale Group. Dr.Barlas owns influential patents and esteemed journal contributions, with thousands of citations. His exceptional citation metrics, stand as a testament to his influential contributions in the field of AI.



Research Scientist

Jan 2018 – Present · 6 yrs 1 mo


Senior Data Scientist

University of Berkeley

University of Berkeley (Ph.D.)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering


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