Co-founder/CEO @, Data Scientist @Cisco

Yasemin Oguz

About Yasemin Oguz
With over a decade committed to pioneering innovation, she spearheaded groundbreaking advancements at Cisco as a Senior Data Scientist, revolutionizing the cybersecurity domain with AI- based solutions. Her academic journey, crowned by graduate degrees from the UC Berkeley, harmonized theory and practice, fueling her role as an educator. As a lecturer at prestigious institution, the University of California Berkeley , she steered courses in AI and robotics, illuminating minds with transformative knowledge. Passionate and tenacious, she is driven by an unwavering dedication to shaping the future through relentless perseverance.


Co-Founder, CEO

Jan 2024 – Present · 1 mo


Data Scientist

Mar 2011 – 2024 · 12 yrs 11 mo

University of Berkeley

University of Berkeley (Ph.D.)

Electrical and Electronics



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