Revolutionizing Ceramic Manufacturing with KAIZEN

The ceramic manufacturing proces are energy-intensive and prone to unexpected equipment failures that cause costly downtime. KAIZEN leverages cutting-edge AI to help companies in ceramic industry operate more efficiently, sustainably and reliably.

Case Study

Optimizing energy use in Kale Ceramics manufacturing

Our work process

At KAIZEN, we follow a systematic process to deliver optimized AI solutions for our manufacturing clients. Our work takes place across four key phases:


We identify pain points through interviews and a full data inventory and maturity assessment.


We determine the quickest ways to deliver value, set up teams, budget, and define success metrics.


Our experts build custom analytics solutions from the ground up.


We ensure smooth transition to production, monitoring performance and business impact.

The Problem

Ceramics manufacturing is an energy-heavy industry, with natural gas use makes up for the majority of expenses. Making efficient use of this resource is critical, not only for the companies bottom line, but also to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry. 

The Solution

Data: We worked with 12 months of sensor data from multiple production lines in a single factory. Sensor data consisted of temperature, pressure and energy consumption values from individual pieces of equipment, as well as data related to controllable set parameters of the system. Insight: Analysis revealed that for certain time periods, large discrepencies can exist between desired parameters and observed values. These anomalies were calculated to cause excess energy usage of up to 15%. 


Modeling: To remedy this excess, modeling needs to produce two outputs. First, it needs to identify anomalies in energy usage. Then, it needs to identify the proper set parameters to bring energy usage within desired limits while staying within operation constraints.


Our models were deployed in the cloud according to the needs of the customer. Integration with the customer’s existing data infrastructure was performed through an automated process.

We built an online, real-time dashboard, which displays critical system state and inform ground personnel of anomalies when they happen, recommending optimal set values for energy use.

The work is currently under live testing, and is expected to reduce energy expenses by 5% overall. This translates to 1,100 tons of yearly CO2 emissions for a single factory, a significant gain for an industry which is under great pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. 


Experienced data science team with proven industry success

KAIZEN’s team has delivered successful AI projects for companies. Their experts have decades of experience in data science and advanced machine learning algorithms. 

Saves millions in costs while reducing environmental impact

By optimizing energy use, reducing downtime, and minimizing waste, KAIZEN’s AI solutions deliver multimillion dollar cost savings for manufacturers. The optimized operations also lower carbon emissions, benefiting the environment. 

Quick setup with your existing data infrastructure

KAIZEN seamlessly integrates with existing historian data, control systems, and sensors. This allows for fast implementation without disruptions.

Ongoing performance improvements and support

KAIZEN continually monitors solution performance and fine-tunes models over time. Their experts also provide ongoing support for upgraded features, new capabilities, and further optimizing gains. 

Our Team

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Yasemin Oguz CEO
Barlas Oguz CTO
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Kayhan Eritmen COO
Yunus Sarikaya CRO